Friday, 4 November 2011

Hello again

What happened to all that enthusiasm and energy? One minute I'm writing a virtual essay about how I originally started writing erotic short stories. Then a year and a half goes by and - zip. There are two reasons for this. One was that back then I was eagerly awaiting the royalties for my first solo collection of short stories ('Random Acts of Lust', published by Accent Press). This was great fun, a collection of stories I was proud of, where I was able to let rip with my own themes, ideas and style, move away from the really dark stuff I was writing for the now defunct imprint Nexus at Virgin and return to the more intelligent, sensuous, romantic, mysterious erotica that comes more naturally. With tits and bums in abundance, obv. And dominated by a cougar based very loosely on, well, MOI. Anyhoo, the royalty cheque when it arrived was disappointing, to say the least. £450 odd. Now, that may seem like money for jam, but it's not much for a year's worth of sales, including e-book sales which are where the hopes of all erotic writers now lie. So the work that I was most proud of had earned less than a quarter of the advances I'd received for my first three novels, despite my publicising it in The Mail on Sunday and The Lady, no less. That was one reason I decided to abandon erotica and therefore my poor blog. And the second reason? Well, see my next post. Because I promise I'm going to keep this up!

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